Tech Recruiting Assets You Already Have

Scaling is intense. And busy. But don’t feel like you always have to start from scratch to recruit. Instead, use these assets that you may already have and be overlooking.

Check out these six tools to help you hire:

1. Documentation, Open Source Projects, and API Information

Tech talent wants to see what they would be working on – not just told. Candidates want to see what the company has to offer, the role and what it entails, and what you’re working on.

For example, our client Continuus Technologies – a data management and intelligence consulting company – includes a page on their website of data visualizations built by their engineers.

2. Sales Materials and Case Studies

Smart, talented people want to be excited about the problems they would be solving. What impact does your product or service have? Do you have any customer testimonials? Our client Mpirik uses artificial intelligence to end the undertreatment of cardiovascular disease, and their website and blog explain how.

3. Github, Blogs, Public Work from Stellar Team Members –

Showcase your team! Your social media and blogs are great opportunities to highlight your team as experts in the industry. Creative, talented individuals want to know that they’ll be working on a team with other brilliant people. On job listings, you post, share who the candidate would be working with or reporting to, and include quotes from hiring managers or other employees when possible.

4. Customer Communities/User Groups –

Be present in Github, Meetup, Slack channels, Linkedin groups, and Twitter. Don’t just spam these spaces with job postings. Instead engage, learn and contribute. Then be on the lookout for candidates! Don’t forget to tell your customers that you’re hiring! They know your product and they want to see your business succeed – and they could provide excellent referrals or even be interested as a candidate

5. Existing Newsletters

You don’t necessarily need a separate recruiting-focused newsletter. Try adding a simple “We’re Hiring!” link to every other newsletter.

6. Events/Meetups –

Do you host regular industry events, meetups, or workshops? Or, are you active at other events within the tech community?

When the right people know your brand, they’re more likely to respond to recruiting messages or apply.

We can find tech talent on your behalf or teach your team how! Connect with us →

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