Newance Takes Top Spot On List Of Best HR Service Providers In Atlanta

The ranking is determined by data collected from market insights analysis firm, Clutch

Nothing speaks louder than results. Our “marketing strategy” has always been to operate with intelligence, empathy, and urgency -- then let our work speak for itself...and it looks like people are listening. We were recently informed of a number one ranking on The Manifest’s list of “Top HR Service Providers in Atlanta.” The list is generated from the outlet’s sister agency, Clutch, a data-driven market insights analysis firm. The listing distinguishes Newance as a leading tech recruitment firm in a state that’s expected to add nearly 9,000 tech jobs this year according to CompTIA, a non-profit association for the industry. That number may seem high, but the fact is, in today’s world, almost every company is a “tech company.” Case in point: of the 9,000 tech jobs Georgia is expecting, most of the demand is coming from finance and health care companies, according to the report. Even my little niece’s lemonade stand accepts Venmo. And yes, we’re headquartered in Milwaukee, but have remote teams across the country, including in Atlanta. But honestly, location typically isn’t a relevant factor for the specialized positions we work with. More than any other industry, tech isn’t bound by the limitations of proximity. You shouldn’t be either.

Increasing moves toward remote and hybrid working arrangements, new spending priorities for businesses around IT infrastructure, automation, and the huge shift to online retail mean that more people are spending time and money online -- and if you want to compete, hiring the right people is paramount.

The more people acclimate to conducting personal and professional obligations online, the higher their expectations will be for an optimal UX.

And if you don’t deliver, they’ll find someone who does.

The US tech sector is projected to grow by over 5 percent in 2021 and another 6.5 percent in 2022.

That means the most talented devs are in such demand that considerations like salary and benefits aren’t primary decision drivers because the candidates hold the negotiating leverage. And they know it. Ultimately, the most skilled people want to work on interesting projects that solve real problems.

We understand this because we’re not guests in the house of tech - we’re an active part of the community. And not in the sense that we read a few articles per month or hodl a few Satoshis. In the sense that we are tech talent. Literally.

Each of our account teams has a strong recruiter, supported by an experienced dev, because it’s not our job to send our clients a stack of resumes that match keywords on LinkedIn - literally anyone could do that. Our job is to understand:

  1. The tech landscape

  2. The people

  3. The magic that happens when the right people get into the right room

The belief in our process is what inspired us to list Newance on Clutch. In our experience, companies that hit you over the head, over and over, with a message that they’re “insert buzzword-y trait here” typically aren’t what they’re claiming to be. Our thought is so simple that it would be considered radical to larger, more generalized HR & Recruitment agencies: gain the knowledge, do the work, and live or die through transparent client reviews.

Here’s one of our five-star reviews from Mpirik, one of our SaaS clients that uses AI to help healthcare providers work to end the undertreatment of cardiovascular disease.

Companies with confidence in their knowledge, process, product, and delivery can operate outside of jargon, bluster and bullshit. Everyone on our team is driven to make Newance this type of company.

And while praise isn’t what motivates us to be our best, recognition from our clients and outlets like The Manifest certainly help validate that we’re on the right track.

If your company is solving an interesting problem and looking for smart talent to join your cause, email to discuss how Newance can help.

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