Creating Your Tech Job Description, Part I: Internal Alignment

Tech job descriptions need a refresh. We'll be showing you how to craft clear and compelling ones in this three part series.

To start, why do you need a great job description?

Clarity is attractive! Engineers have plenty of options and are typically very analytical people. It makes a great first impression to answer these questions from the get go!

You can use this full job profile as a job posting or use this to inform candidates and stakeholders as they move through your process.

Questions to start with internal alignment:

  1. Why are we hiring this person? (Yes, really – you should make sure there is an answer other than "there is open headcount.")

  2. List the work to be done rather than the job title you're used to. Then see what job you're really building.

  3. How will you know in 6-12 months that you hired the right person? What will they have achieved or accomplished?

  4. Why should a top performer want this opportunity in particular?

  5. What does a typical day-in-the-life look like for this role?

  6. Who are the stakeholders for this position? List managers, peers, customers, etc.

  7. As we think about building the best possible team, are there gaps we need to address? For example, no one has HIPPA expertise and that's coming up on our roadmap.

  8. What kind of workplace are we? Laid-back? Formal? The tone of your job description should reflect your culture.

Next up, how to tell the story.

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