About Newance

We were founded to solve the workplace “chicken and egg”. To hire great people, you need to have amazing opportunities. To be an amazing opportunity, you have to have great people.


Our mission is to be the best spot in the world for brilliant people to find and succeed at solving interesting problems.

Running a People Operations team and working in companies of all sizes, CEO and co-founder Amanda Daering learned about what mattered to employers: QUALITY.


Co-founders Angela Damiani and Jeremy Fojut, of NEWaukee fame, have a built an incredible reach across our community and have heard from people all over the Great Lakes region about what matters to them: CONNECTION.

We knew that by combining these experiences, we could provide a real solution to our region's well documented talent challenges.

Our Founders

Amanda Daering

CEO & Co-Founder

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Angela Damiani


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Jeremy Fojut


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Image by Jeremy Yap

Our Core Values

Show > Tell

High Urgency Always

Default to Empathy


735 N Water St. Suite 501

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Tel: 414.885.4519


© 2020 by Newance LLC. 

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