Why Newance?


Our recruitment and performance solutions turn talent into a sharp competitive advantage for our clients.  

We’ve spent the last decade integrating into the very fabric of the Great Lakes Region by engaging the community at over 100 different branded events each year. Because of this, we have both unrivaled local access and the ability to reach highly specialized talent such as data scientists and senior developers at a national level.

We partner with founders and innovation leaders who are looking for smart and strategic support.  We know what it takes to grow and run a thriving tech company so we don't waste time. 

A Few of our Candidates who are Loving their New Roles


HR Talent Partner


As a founder or executive leader, you're the expert in your business. We're the experts in building high performing agile teams. 

With our partner option, we offer ongoing and per project access to senior HR and talent leaders for talent help when and how you need it. Some examples of the problems we've helped founders and team leaders solve:

  • When & How to Hire, Promote or Fire

  • Culture & Engagement Issues

  • New Hire Onboarding

We don't do payroll!

There are better options out there than us for that.

Training & Workshops

We love bringing creative modern practices to in-house teams looking to level up.


Our Managing for this Moment series combines brief instruction with peer networking and multimedia resources.


We are a certified Predictive Index partner.


We’ll help you build your teams, empower managers, engage employees, and match job fit for candidates.

Our Stats

Only 1 in 4

Screened candidates are submitted for client review.

Over 90%

Of submittals pass hiring manager interviews.

10x Brand Exposure

Through our partnership with NEWaukee.

100% Renewal Rate

For our HR talent partnership.

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