The Predictive Index

Why do we partner with The Predictive Index?

And why should it be your assessment of choice?

The Predictive Index® (PI) tools use data to help you discover how your teams work best at all levels.

From recruitment to business planning, leadership development, and talent strategy, the Predictive Index offers a cohesive view of your organization.



Give your team hiring & interviewing tools that support fair, unbiased decisions


Spot disengagement in your organization, take action to fix it & better manage your employees


Ensure the talent you have compliments your business goals & works efficiently

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Use data to drive your people strategy forward.

We'll show you how The Predictive Index can help you build your teams, empower managers, engage employees and match job fit for candidates.


Companies that partner with Newance have returned to Best Place to Work awards and we can help you do the same.