What is the Predictive Index?

The Predictive Index® (PI), a suite of tools, will help you deep dive into how your teams work best at all levels – entry, middle management, and executive – to measurably predict the performance of new and current employees.


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How are you using data to drive your people strategy forward? 

As a certified PI partner, we offer tools backed by data and a solution that looks holistically at your teams to improve performance at all levels. High-performing teams that are engaged and aligned with your goals are the key to executing your business plan. 


Learn how to put data into motion with the PI Solution. We’ll help you build your teams, empower managers, engage employees, and match job fit for candidates. Companies that partner with Newance have returned to Best Place to Work awards and reduced time-to-fill to 45 days on technical roles. We can help you do the same. 

Using the PI Solution, we’ll help you:

  • Equip managers with hiring and interviewing tools  that enable fair and unbiased decisions

  • Invest in your employee’s development by receiving insight on how to better their teamwork or management style

  • Ensure your talent compliments your business strategy                                                       

Why do we use the PI Solution?

The behavioral assessment is only 5% of the PI Solution. From recruitment to business planning, leadership development, and talent strategy, PI offers a cohesive look at your organization.


  • Over 350 scientific validation studies. 

  • Focus on optimizing talent and business strategy.

  • A view that spans attraction & selection through performance and retention.

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