What are you teaching your team?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Values are meeting reality right now.

You may have spent hours coming up with the right mission statement and values. At some point you may have earnestly debated whether “collaborative” was the right away to frame your dedication to teamwork. You built aspirational tenants for your culture. And like most of us, you probably didn't see this moment coming.

But those values only live if you follow them in this moment.

That does not mean that you won’t make tough decisions. Caring and layoffs aren’t mutually exclusive. Sometimes the right decisions suck the most.

That also doesn’t mean that you won’t have bad days. Leaders are human too.

But your team is watching how you handle this.

If you sacrifice ethics, your team will see it.

If you’re losing your temper or constantly complaining, your team will see it.

If you remain calm and stay focused, your team will see it.

And they’ll do what they SEE not what you say.

What an incredible opportunity to build resiliency in yourself and to teach it your team.

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