Midwest Job Boards & Community Partners

Important PSA: Job boards & partner orgs are wonderful when your culture is wonderful. Retention work is the real first step in recruitment work.

What we do beyond a job posting. 

At Newance, we believe in equality. We infuse these concepts into our work and are always working to improve ourselves and our process. A job posting alone is not enough. 


We utilize a wide variety of sources and techniques to ensure representative and diverse talent pipelines. We encourage our partners to do the same including maintaining the above list of job boards & partners for inclusive tech and creative hiring across the Midwest. If we missed a great organization, let us know here. It's important to note that the partner organizations above are formed for the benefit of their members (not to make a recruiter's life easier!) so as you look to partner think first about how you might be able to support their work.

We also check job descriptions for clarity and unbiased language. No. Don’t say you want a “guru”... We also like Textio, TapRecruit or at minimum a cross-functional and cross-cultural personal review.


We audit our candidate submittals weekly and our hires monthly for representation. We encourage our clients to create fair and standardized interview criteria prior to the start of any search including objective measures or useful third party platforms wherever possible such as CodeSignal. We’re constantly working on checking our own biases through training and ongoing conversations. We don’t just take “not a culture fit” as an answer. 


We focus on salary expectations rather than salary history. We utilize Payscale in combination with other resources and our own database to provide objective compensation data and reference in offer negotiations. 

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