10 Holiday Celebrations that Aren't a Zoom "Party"

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The end of the year is drawing nearer – and with it, the holiday season.

As we approach this final stretch of 2020, we beg of you to resist the urge to start planning your Zoom holiday festivities and instead take a moment to reflect.

Your team is tired. A mandatory virtual party may not be what they want. We encourage you to ask them what THEY want. It might be more time off, not more time on!

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate and thank your employees in a more thoughtful way, here are 10 ideas you can share:

  1. Provide additional time off. Buffer the holidays with extra days off for real rest.

  2. Offer a bonus if you can afford it.

  3. Share impact. Bring in real clients (virtually) to inspire your team about the impact of their work.

  4. Allocate time to volunteer. Allow your team to give back, individually or as a group effort.

  5. Make it tangible. Send care packages that remind everyone how much you think of them, or even handwritten notes. (Our friends at Bright Cellars can help with curated wine for every team member!)

  6. Show appreciation. Recognize what a remarkable year it has been and call out excellent work by your team members.

  7. Gift wellness. Provide resources like Calm, Headspace or other services that can help promote your team’s mental and/or physical health.

  8. Try a virtual escape room or gaming experience. BUT, only if your culture is well-suited to this. If your team doesn’t do this type of thing for fun already…don’t force it.

  9. Collaborate. Make a team “gift” that everyone can access, like contributing songs to a playlist or sharing recipes for a team cookbook.

  10. Learn together. If your team has a group interest, like food, try a virtual tasting or chef-guided cooking class.

If you do insist on a virtual holiday party (or find that your team wants one), be very thoughtful on the theme. Remember that not everyone celebrates the same holidays, and this is a great time to show your inclusivity in practice.

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