Full Lifecycle recruitment with Newance means defining, finding, screening and on-boarding your next great team member. 

 We’ve spent the last decade integrating into the very fabric of the Great Lakes Region by engaging the community at over 100 different branded events each year. Because of this we have both unrivaled local access and the ability to reach highly specialized talent such as data scientists and senior developers at a national level.

We partner with founders and innovation leaders who are looking for smart and strategic search support.  We know what it takes to grow and run a thriving tech company so we don't waste time. 

Because of our proprietary process and focus on quality, over 90% of our submitted candidates pass subsequent hiring manager & team interviews. 


Our success in recruitment is rooted in strong research and marketing abilities across a variety of platforms going well beyond LinkedIn.

If you're searching for a unicorn or struggling to get your brand in front of the right highly skilled talent, we can help!

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