Managing by Example

Updated: Feb 4

Whether you’re a startup founder turned employer or an individual contributor turned manager, here’s a series from Newance on the most common ways to go from a frustrated manager to a happy best manager.

Like parents, managers tend to manage the way they themselves have been managed.

They lean into the habits that they appreciated and away from those they didn’t. They may have loved a manager who pushed hard or hated the way a manager ran meetings.

Learning from personal experience is a wonderful thing but the reality is that each team member will need something a bit different.

For instance:

  • When are they most productive?

  • What management styles or methods of communication have worked well for them in the past?

  • What pet peeves do they have?

  • What do they expect from this relationship?

These can be best observed and noted when a team member is thriving and/or struggling.

It’s also effective to ask them directly and adjust accordingly.

The best managers know:

I’ll need to adjust my style a bit for each person.

It’s part of the job to get to know my team and create an environment where they can be successful.

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