Management is a career change.

Whether you’re a startup founder turned employer or an individual contributor turned manager, here’s a series from Newance on the most common ways to go from a frustrated manager to a happy best manager.

People get promoted because they were a great individual contributor.

That individual contributor role likely required very different skills than being an exceptional manager. We like to spend time in our comfort zones and do work that we excel at.

So instead of spending time learning how to manage, we continue to be an individual contributor with a different title.

It takes time, patience and a certain amount of instinct to become a great manager.

The best way to start is by recognizing the manager role for what it is — a career change and an entirely new job.

The job is to teach and guide. It’s to build a team and lead them to delivering the results.

There will still be moments where managers need to and should jump in to work alongside the team. The team needs to be able to see and learn along the way in those instances.

The best managers know:

What got me here won’t get me there.

My success will be in growing people who surpass me.

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