Our Recruitment Process (vs. The Industry)

1. Actually understand your needs.

We attend tech meetups and research tech topics to really understand the nuance of each role. Java devs don't get messages from us about JavaScript roles. We know data could mean ETL or Data Science. We'll also go beyond the initial job description to get to know both what this person will do right away and the future potential that could align to your long-term goals.  We'll understand the context of the search in addition to the skills. 


(vs. the industry that uses the same job profiles over and over)

2. Targeted outreach + big exposure = MAGIC.

The NEWaukee network includes over 200k subscribers in addition a robust social media following statewide. We can highlight you as an employer giving you additional visibility. But we don't just rely on postings. We then target the ideal candidate with highly personalized outreach. People know we're reaching out 1:1 to them and why we think think this role makes sense.

We utilize over 15 sources and audit our pipelines weekly to ensure representation and minimize bias.

(vs. the industry standard of matching some keywords and spamming frustrated talent)

3. Thorough screening.

On average, we only send 1 of every 4 candidates we screen for your review because our focus is on quality fit for both parties. As a result, over 90% of our submitted candidates pass secondary interviews. In our last 100 hires, we have 0 fired placements. And we can't think of any before that either.


(vs. the industry standard of sending you any possible matches for you to sort through on your own)

4. Close advisory process.

We're in-house HR people at heart and that never goes away. We'll stay in touch with both the candidate and you along the way including advice on effective conversations, negotiation and on-boarding.


(vs. the industry standard of  here's a resume and good luck)

5. Ongoing relationship.

We make sure your new hire is integrated both into your team and into the community with 30/60/90 day and beyond check-ins.


(vs. the industry standard of checking in only about turnover or other openings)