Creating your Tech Job Description, Part III: Other Tips & Tricks

In the second part of our 'Creating your Tech Job Description' series, we covered important questions that you should consider as you craft your job description.

Before you finish and hit 'Post,' here are some additional tips and tricks for your job description that will make a big difference for candidates:

Add a Quote from the Direct Manager

Give your candidate a chance to hear from their future manager. Something about what the manager loves about the team or company would be great here.

Write for Inclusion

Does the right hire actually need a Bachelors or Masters degree to be successful? Gut check – if someone with 8 years of applicable experience but no degree applied, could they do this job? If yes, take the degree requirement out or move to "nice to have."

Avoid pronouns if you can but if you do include them, use them all (he/her/them) rather than just he.

Check for gendered language. For example, avoid aggressive, competitive or assertive in favor of words like motivated, capable or exceptional. Everyone hates the ones that say rockstar, guru or ninja.

If your HR requires an EEOC statement (We're an equal opportunity employer...) keep it short and authentic. Recent studies show that these statements reduce applications by racial minorities by up to 30%. (Yes, really. Counterintuitive!)

Include a Salary Range

If you include it you'll likely get more applicants and those that do apply will already be open to the range you're willing to pay.

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